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@ Rick's Cafe, Movie World, Surfer's Paradise
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Like father like son

I had been yelling from downstairs to the twins, to get ready and come down for school. But apparently, they were otherwise occupied...building Gotham City no less!

Like father like son

I had been yelling from downstairs to the twins, to get ready and come down for school. But apparently, they were otherwise occupied...building Gotham City no less!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Li'l Dudes Day Out

Papa was off for a seminar so i brought the rugrats out. First we stopped at McD drive thru, then we went to lake gardens and ate in the car. Last on the list was some window shopping at the curve. All in all, a good day. Can't wait for next weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sonny Spoon

Ever since the boys went to school/day care, all I ever thought they caught was the flu. Although that was expected, I just didn't realise how often it would be.

Anyways, the boys kept taking turns getting sick. First Elixir, then Elijaz, (then Mama somewhere in between), then they got well, then it started all over again.

When Elixir succumbed to the flu again, the second time in the same month, best bring him to the Doc, I thought as he may need antibiotics this time. So, to the Doc's we went, and turned out that Elixir would benefit some healthy snorts of the nebulizer. I was so sure he'd go down screaming as he was the fussy-pot in the family (thus far). But if there is one thing these tots have taught me is, always expect the unexpected. In fact, Elixir was such a gem on the neb. My l'il dude took it down like a man!

So, l'il Elixir was out of action for a few days. But we had a small social gathering looming - Sheila's surprise birthday bash at Sulina's new home. Well, it sure was handy having twins, coz if one couldn't go, I could always take his womb-mate.

Elijaz was starting to sniff again, a bit feverish too, so he wasn't much the social butterfly at the party. In fact, the only thing he took solace in was Sulina's silverware. He kept clutching at the silver spoon throughout his 'ordeal'. We actually had to leave Sulina's with the spoon in his hand, coz everytime I tried to pry it out of his freakishly strong grasp, Elijaz would start bawling.

It didn't help that his fever was getting higher, so I felt I had to bring him straight to the Doc's after the do. As suspected, Elijaz had to go on the neb as well, but unlike bigger bro, Elijaz was kicking and screaming the whole of the 5 minutes! This l'il dude went down crying! And all this while, he clutched the spoon as if his life depended on it.

When we got home, the two kiddos exchanged pleasantries, and next thing I knew, Elijaz passed the spoon to Elixir. When I tucked them into bed later that night, the spoon was still firmly clasped in Elixir's hand. I guess that was Elijaz's way of sharing his experience with Elixir. Wish you were there bro...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everybody's got their dues in life to pay...

I had an awkward dream last night. I dreamt that Achen and I got caught in the rain without transport, in the middle of Jalan Kuching, and we terribly needed to go back home. So we decided to make a 'dash' for it. With the rain in our faces, and puddles to negotiate, we dashed on. But at one point, I was beginning to loose my steam, but Achen was hauling her long legs on. So, in no time, I was left on my own, one crazy woman huffing and puffing in classic-Malaysian torrential, trying desperately to keep up.

It was then that I woke up. Wasn't too pleased with my performance. It's a dream for goodnesss sake. I could have easily manouvered my thoughts to make me a champion, right? But nope, slow coach was the order of the day. My current interpretation of the dream?
I am sorely out of touch with my body (and mind). Most pressingly, I really need to lose some weight and rebuild my stamina.

Flashback to 6 years ago, I wouldn't have had either of these problems. In fact, my family was always amazed at the amount of food I could guzzle without really gaining much. My brother had once said ominously, "Eda, one of these days, this will all come back at you." Ha ha... you don't know how true that is, Abang. Like Sleeping Beauty being awoken from her proverbial slumber, as soon as I turned 30, it all really did come back to me! The inches wouldn't drop, whether from the hips or waist, my face began to balloon - my true self began its unveiling. And it really did happen as soon as I touched 30. Apart from the age factor, I knew that the abuse I gave my body would finally catch up with me. These were the wrongs, in no special order:
  1. Lack of water-drinking. I used to never want to drink water plain, it always had to be flavoured. And only 2 glasses a day!
  2. My fascination with all thing fast food - McD, Burger King, A&W, KFC, you name it. I could eat the same food over and over for a period of days.
  3. My career in advertising, especially working on the Celcom account as well as my current stint, had led to no-breakfast-nor-lunches, work work work, and late night dinners at 2am
  4. False belief that I'd be skinny forever...
So, now here I am, paying for the dues, wanting to undo all this but wondering if there's no turning back. I just celebrated my 35th birthday, and there are a lot of things which I feel I've not fulfilled.

I'll take it as this being just one of the signals that a true revolution in my life is warranted. Well, slowly, I shall fix this. I've already conquered Number 1. 'Air kosong' is my best friend now. The hotter, the better.

Number 2, is something great to fix. I've begun cooking healthily. OK, so cooking on it's own is an achievement for me. Unlike my sister, I've always hated to cook. But thanx to simple recipes we can get off the net and the travel channel, I can do simple meals which are heavy on the wellness scale. Also, since my boys started on solids, I've started the use of most things organic. It's expensive, but nothing's too good for the kids. Am hoping that once we move into our new home, we'll have a well-stocked ulam garden and many healthy quick-fixes for the palate.

Number 3. Hmmm... that should be happening soon. No spoilers on that yet. But something's abrew...

Number 4 ... would like to change the 'false' to 'true', and 'belief' to a 'reality'... Am hoping that I'll have more time in the future to put in more sweat to achieve this. If Luther V could loose the inches, then so can I.

And I'm not doing this for just vanity's sake. My 3 boys (DH and the twins) are my priority now. And I know that unless i find some peace in this turmoiled brain, I can't be 100% there for them.

Well, looks like I've just set a challenge for myself? In the wise words of the good Doc Brown from the BTTF trilogy "If you set your mind to it, Marty, you can achieve anything!"...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blast From The Past - '80s pop

I know this is a blog for my boys, but I thought I'd slot in something from the '80s - the era in which I grew up in. So, every once in a while in these pages, you'll be hit by some, sadly now called, golden oldies.

This one was my ultimate fave rave when I was in high school, ask anyone and they'd know how I was bitten by the A-ha bug. And I especially loved this video - I remember the days where I sat by the tv (Muzik Video on TV3), waiting for the music video to air, so that I could tape it on the VCR. If only I knew 25 years on, that we can easily search it on You Tube.

So, here's lookin' at ya, Morten, Mags and Pal! And to all the other A-ha-ans...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't Cry

I was rendered helpless tonight.

Elixir was on full tantrum mode the moment I got back from a hard day at work, and nothing seemed to soothe him. Bathed him - he cried. Gave him his milk - he pushed it away. Took him for a drive with Pak Wan at the wheel - looked like he was going to calm down for a bit, but he became antsy once we alighted from the car. Sang to him - he started to convulse, unfortunately, in further anger. Even cousins Elise and Eric, bless them, stayed around to make him feel better.
Thought that once Papa came back from work, he would cool down a bit? Nope. Elixir even refused to go to him.

All the calm, soothing talk didn't seem to work, so I changed gears and tried being strict instead - left him there crying in the middle of the living room but I firmly invited him to join me in the bedroom. To no avail though, he kept crying, at one point even rolling on the floor. All the commotion obviously brought out Bibik, wanting to pick him up, but I didn't let her. And he kept on crying, even though periodically I'd call out to him to come to me.

Finally, Grandma came down to enquire what was happening and quickly went to the boy. Not soon after, TokTok peered down the stairs as well. Between the two, they managed to calm him down, and brought him out for a drive. He really showed me up tonight, my actions probably painted me negatively to my parents too.

I know my mom was upset with me that I left him crying. I wasn't too comfortable about it either, which made me even more upset. But I really didn't know what else to do. I still don't actually. In fact it's 4am now. I was awaken from sleep, coz Elixir woke up crying again. He's coming into 2 years old now. I should be able to exercise some discipline right? But he didn't bite - either he sensed that I was unsure of my actions, or he was just really really in a foul mood. So anyway, I'm still at a loss when he cries. And until he does, I'm looking out for suggestions on how best to deal.

And all this while, twin bro Elijaz sleeps peacefully in the bedroom...

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big One (and it's not the Aerosmith album)

This was their first birthday invite to friends. Not sure whether there'll be one this year tho... or the next four years for that matter. Am still paying the bills now! Besides, they have tonnes of toys /prezzies not yet opened!!

P/S...artwork credit to be given to designer extraordinare, Auntie Sit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Elijaz got bit at school!

Yesterday was quite a difficult day for me. It started in the morning till quite late, coz
  1. I had to prepare the kids dinners to pack and bring to school. Long story this - will put up a new post concerning said subject.
  2. Inundated by work and was antsy in the office - wasn't able to complete what I had planned out for the day
  3. Had to ask my sister's help to pick up the boys, coz I had foreseen it was gonna be a late-nighter
  4. Elijaz got bitten at day care!
  5. Come 9.00pm, I went on a guilt trip for not being there for my sons when they came back from school - had just read an article about how to cope with a clingy toddler (read as Elixir). Future mental note, keep your promises to your toddler - I said I'd come and pick them up in the evening, and as it turned out, it was Zeus who had come to the rescue and till 9pm, still no sign on Mama!
So, I quickly drove home, and as suspected, Elixir was red-eyed, fighting sleep waiting for me to come home. Elijaz had gone off to sleep, probably trying to forget the nightmare he went through earlier that day!

The bite was quite servere, although the skin didn't break, there was an obvious oblong red mark on his right forearm! My sister swears that you could see the indentation of the teeth marks - you could send it to the CSI lab for identification!

Anyway, all is well. These kinds of accidents are bound to happen at day care. But I made it a point to let the childminders know that should my child be the one to inflict injury on others, I would want to know. Apologies to the parents should be made ...